Friday, July 18, 2008

Tech Dirt - Net PC's

If your laptop is dragging you down and the thought of being connected anywhere anytime is appealing to you, look no further than the new range of mini laptops or net books emerging this summer and fall. I'm looking for one that could also run photoshop, so I have less options. The top brands out there now are as follows:
ECS G-series G10IL (coming soon)
Classmate PC
Lenovo Netbook (coming soon)
Most of these will be sold through a mobile phone service provider along with a usb key modem and an internet plan. However the ECS model will already have a 3G module onboard. The sizes range from 7 - 10 inches and you should be paying anywhere from 300 - 500 US dollars for them. However if you have time to wait there are rumours of Sony, HP and Apple all launching netbooks. It will be interesting to see which brand will rule this new market.

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