Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Radio Radio Radio

Like many artists I listen to the radio or music while I work, and while sometimes I'll put on a 3 hour music mix my real lifeline is the radio…BBC radio in particular. My favourite 6 Music BBC 6 Music host Steve Lamacq is on vacation this week. Great for Steve but less great for me..I'm hooked on his show! I was even on his daily Good day, Bad day feature which you can listen to here:

It took me forever to decide on my good day track, and finally when I did submit my tracks and they emailed me to say I would be on the show I was so excited! Unfortunately the day before I was supposed to go on the show, they said they didn't have my good day track to play!! I initially chose The Flirts - Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime) as it reminded me of a perfect day with my brother, sister and sister in law in Los Angeles when my brother and I were dancing around in a clothing shop to this tune after returning from Malibu Beach. You can listen to this deeply 80's tune here:

My alternative good day track (which they played, as I was having a good day) was Release Yo' Delf by Method Man...which is an infinitely cooler track than the Flirts. However the version they played was not the best version in my opinion. Check out the version from Rebirth of Cool 5, its way heavier!

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