Friday, June 26, 2009

LastFM...pourquoi? (and other news)

One of my favourite sites LastFM has decided to charge users 3euros/month if you live outside US, UK, or Germany. At first I thought I'll find something else just as good that is free...but now I've tried a few alternatives and nothing I know of has such a good smart radio. I've now contributed what amounts to one less latte per month to LastFM. Consider yourself lucky if you live in one of the exempt countries!
In other completely unrelated news, it seems like Formula 1 will not split up. The top 8 teams have now reached an agreement with the FIA. I was not entirely unhappy with the possibility of a split as I hoped Montreal might get its race back. I still can't believe that the Canadian GP which was always a huge event for the fans was removed from the calendar, and others (cough...Turkish GP) stay; where on race day the big topic of conversation was 'Where are all the people?'

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