Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photographing Artwork

The best way to reproduce your artwork for your portfolio is to hire a professional photographer, but for artists on a budget or on a deadline that is not always possible. I have finally found a way that I can reproduce my work myself to a level that can be printed in catalogues or used for promotional purposes. I use a digital camera that can shoot RAW images and a software like photoshop that enables me to open and edit these images. A lens effect filter is also helpful to remove any distortion. It is also important to find a good area with diffuse light, and I found that photographing my paintings in a local courtyard between 7 and 8 am gives me the perfect light I need. I always leave a small border around the painting to reduce the distortion as its much easier to photograph it a bit farther back then use the crop tool to edit out the background.

For printing the final images I use l'instant in Monaco. The print quality is exceptional and Jean Baptiste has a large selection of fine art papers which gives a fair representation of the original. Photographing artwork is a necessity of being an artist, and even though I find it depressing to see my large works scaled down and reproduced when its done properly it can be the best way to present work to galleries or clients when showing the original is not an option.

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