Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Know the Art Market

Wanting to get ahead as an artist means doing a lot of research and knowing the market. You have to assess where you/your work fits in. I do a lot of reading online with sites like London Times Online, news section, artkrush, artforum etc. Its important to find where you want to be placed in the market and find resources that give you the information you need. One tip for researching galleries is to find artists that have similar styles and look at their exhibition history. They had to start somewhere, so while internationally recognized artist may now be represented by galleries that are impenetrable for emerging artist their cv's reveal which galleries took them on early in their career. Its also worth visiting different art fairs to get an overview of galleries. While it can be challenging to approach the galleries during the fairs, as they are quite focused on selling, you can easily get business cards. A card gives you not only the gallery details, it gives you the ever important name for a personal contact.

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